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Check LinCademy Privacy Policy to know more about how we deal with your personal data. If you need help regarding your account or personal data, you can contact the support team by sending your question below.
From LinCademy Sign In page, you can fix issues related to forgetting your password, not having access to the email address associated with your LinCademy account, or your account suspension.
You can directly get help on changing your email from here and on reactivating your suspended account from here. In both cases, you will need to get your identity verified by uploading a government identification document. We need to do this to protect LinCademy accounts from unauthorized access.
If you are sure you want to permanently close it, please sign in on the right to start the process.
If you have a question about how to use LinCademy Learning tools such as how to enroll in courses, access the learning content, take quizzes, attend live sessions, track your learning, get your certificates, etc, you can contact support team by sending your question below.
Changing or Deleting Parts of Your Personal Data
You can edit or modify any personal data you provide on LinCademy. please utilize LinCademy Help Center search options to find out how to edit your account sections. If you need us to delete, modify or fix any part of your personal data, contact support team by sending your request below.
Deleting All Your Personal Data
If you would like to delete all your LinCademy account data which means you no longer need LinCademy services, you will have to close your account. To do so, please sign in on the right.
Requesting/Transferring Your Personal Data
If you need to download a copy of all your account data, You can send us a request, but please sign in first on the right. After sending your request, you will receive a confirmation email, and we will contact you once your data is ready to download. We will send you the data in a machine-readable form, where technically available so that you can transfer it to another data controller as you like.
Objections about Processing Your Personal Data
LinCademy respects your privacy. You can control the visibility of the information or content you provide within LinCademy from your account. If you have any objections to or requests for the restriction of the use of your personal data, please contact us using the form below.
For detailed information about your course purchases, you can check your purchase history . You can also find our refund policy here.
If you still need help, please sign in on the right so that you can contact support team.

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