Professional Community Standards

Professional Community Standards

Last Update: March 24, 2024

1. Introduction

Thank you for being, or thinking to be, part of LinCademy where you find a comprehensive gamified learning experience that encompasses self-branding, networking, and connection-building alongside skill development.

You are expected to use LinCademy services only for professional purpose and in a safe, helpful, productive, trustworthy, respectful, positive, and professional manner that includes all your activities, and uploaded or posted information and content. Together, we can help our professional community keep delivering its services with the purpose that it was created for.

To help with preventing any fake, inappropriate, or impersonating profiles; inappropriate groups; misleading, false, harmful or illegal information and content from existing within our services, we are using strong moderation system and fair escalation process for violations. Our moderation system allows you to block other members and report content and activities including group information, profile and group activity updates, comments, published courses, documents, photos and videos. If you see that a member profile, post, comment, group is attacking, harassing, bullying you, or, in general, unprofessional (i.e., violating this Professional Community Standards), just use LinCademy reporting tools; you can block members from their profiles, report a group from the group page and report an activity or content by accessing the “More Options” of the post. 

We have discretion to enforce and implementing our policies and guidelines including this Professional Community standards, and we are serious about implementing our moderation system to keep our community safe and professional.

By not following these standards, we may limit the visibility of, hide or delete any violating data, activity, group, subpage, or content you create, post or upload; suspend your access to use our services; or delete your account completely any time with or without notice.

2. Code of Professional Community Practices

By joining LinCademy, you agree that you will follow practices that follow in every activity you do or content and information you post, upload or provide:

2.1. Be Real and Trustworthy

You need to provide real and correct information about your identity that can found in your profile, groups, enrolled courses, or any other activity you do in our services.

  • Do not impersonate, mislead, or deceive others by pretending to be someone else or by representing a business you are not allowed to represent. You are not allowed to create fake profile or to provide false, incorrect, or misleading information about yourself, your qualifications, work experience, skills, affiliations, achievements or the organization you represent. It is also prohibited to use someone else’s identity including name, photo, or any other personal information in order to deceive others or for any other purpose. Also, do not create LinCademy account for anyone other than yourself, and do not share your account credentials with someone else.
  • Do not post or share inaccurate, false, or misleading information or content. Also, do not share content from untrusted or suspected sites. In addition, do not post false or unreal testimonials, endorsement, or recommendation for someone in exchange for any kind of benefit. You agree that we (alone or by consulting third party) have the right to determine if the information or content you provide is inaccurate, false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Do not spam or scam others. You are not allowed to send or post messages or content that is unauthorized, untargeted, irrelevant, inappropriately promotional or commercial, or gratuitously repetitive or other similar messages or content. Also, sensationalizing or capitalizing on tragic events or incidents for commercial purposes is not allowed on LinCademy.
  • Do not gam the system. Do not use our services features for doing prohibited activities such as using member or group invitations to send commercial or promotional messages to people you don’t know.. Please, be trustworthy and honest in every activity you do within our services; like what you really like (or deserves to be liked), report what really deserves to be reported, and don’t agree with other members ahead of time to comment on or like each other’s content.

2.2. Be Safe

Members in LinCademy need not to cause (directly or indirectly) any harm to others inside or outside LinCademy community. They need to be civil and respectful in every activity they do in our services.

  • Do not threaten, incite, call for, or promote harm, violence, or crimes. We do not allow threatening, inciting, calling for, engaging in, or promoting harm, violence, property damage or crimes whether this targets individuals, groups of people or organizations inside or outside LinCademy community.
  • Do not share shocking, harmful, hateful, or adult Content. Shocking, harmful, or adult content or activity is not allowed within our services. This can be any content or activity that (i) is upsetting, disgusting or shocking; (ii) includes violence (content where the focal point is on injury, blood or violence) without appropriate context; (iii) promote, organize, coordinate, facilitate or depict, criminal activity; (iv) includes personally identifiable or confidential information (obtained from legal or illegal sources) about others that could lead to causing physical or financial harm to others; (v) includes adultery (that is sexually explicit content), escort services or prostitution; (vi) includes exploitation of children or human trafficking; (vii) includes harmful or dangerous acts (acts resulting in serious physical, psychological, or emotional injury); (viii) promote, encourage, or celebrate suicide or any type of direct injuring of the boy (self-injury), including self-mutilation and eating disorders; (ix) is hateful and derogatory (content promoting discrimination against, inciting hatred against, or humiliating individuals or group of people); (x) features or promotes the use, abuse, or sale of illegal (or regulated legal) substances or drugs, or any other dangerous products; (xi) promoting or depicting weapons assembly, abuse, or misuse.
  • Do not promote, support, praise, or engage in terrorist activities. Contents, activities, profiles, or groups express promotion of or supporting to terrorists, terrorist organizations or groups, or terrorist activities is not allowed on LinCademy.
  • Do not engage in unwanted advances: We don’t allow unwanted expressions of attraction, desire, requests for a romantic relationship, marriage proposals, sexual advances or innuendo, or lewd remarks. Do not use LinCademy to pursue romantic connections, ask for romantic dates, or provide sexual commentary on someone’s appearance.
  • Do not harass, bully or send unwelcome communications. Any activity or content that expresses harassment or bullying is not allowed within LinCademy. Do not target any member maliciously by calling for bullying or harassment, using abusive language or revealing their sensitive information. Also, any unwelcome communications or sexually harassment is not allowed in LinCademy, so do not communicate with others in unwanted manner such as expressing attraction, desire, marriage proposals, requests for romantic relationships or romantic dates, sexual advances, or lewd remarks.

1.3. Be Professional

LinCademy is designed and created to serve professional purposes. It is expected that you create and share original, thoughtful and relevant content, be part of respectful conversations and discussions, help others be more productive and successful by sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices, be positive by reporting any misbehavior or violation, and be safe by not to share or send any scams or spams

  • Stay on topic and share relevant content. Your contributions in LinCademy community should provide professionally relevant, insightful information and content in a constructive manner. Do not interact with other members or share inappropriate, unrelated, disrespectful, inflammatory, or just “pass-around” content.
  • Maintain professional discussions. Every post, comment, or forum discussion should make a positive contribution to LinCademy community. The community is meant to stimulate professional, healthy and vibrant conversations and discussions, and to trigger the exchange of best practices between professionals, not to create contention. Polite, mature, debate is encouraged. You should always be respectful and thoughtful, rather than impulsive, emotional, or anger-driven.
  • Provide original content. It is better to exert some effort to create original, interesting, and relevant content, rather than keep re-sharing, liking, or commenting on others’ posts. By doing this you will showcase your professional skills, prove you are added value to your connections, and eventually gain popularity.
  • Do not share or send any type of scams or spams such as junk mail, phishing schemes, chain letters, or irrelevant, inappropriately promotional messages.

1.4. Respect Others’ Rights and Comply with the Law

You cannot use or distribute others’ personal or sensitive information, copyrighted content, or trademarks without appropriate authorization. You also need to comply with all applicable laws, and it is forbidden to use LinCademy’s services to sell or promote forbidden or illegal services or products.

  • Respect others’ privacy and Publicity. To protect your and others’ private information, you are required not to (i) solicit any private information (e.g., personally identifiable information such as email address, sensitive information such as credit card information, or residential information) from any LinCademy member without authorization; (ii) use, distribute or disclose on LinCademy services any information collected in violation of any of LinCademy policies or agreements; (iii) disclose any information that you do not have the right to, or are not authorized to disclose or share; (iv) post or distribute any content that uses a person’s name, photo or likeness for commercial or promotional purposes without authorization from that person; (v) post or distribute any content that depicts children without the official consent or agreement from their parent or legal guardian.  
  • Do not violate the others’ intellectual property rights. We respect others’ intellectual property rights. Content, trademarks, and logos, used in the services, belong to their respective owners. Unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials cannot be distributed within our services. Please, do not violate the intellectual property rights of others (including copyrights, trademark rights or any other intellectual property rights) through our services by providing, posting, or uploading any content that you do not own or is not permitted to use, as your own. By doing this, you will help us observe the others’ intellectual property rights and maintain our community’s integrity. For more information, please read our Intellectual Property Policy which has more information about intellectual property rights of LinCademy and others, and a description of how to report to us your complaints regarding violations of intellectual property rights.
  • Follow the Law. You must comply with any applicable law, including, without limitation, intellectual property laws, privacy laws, anti-spam laws, tax laws, export control laws, and regulatory requirements. You are not allowed to use LinCademy to engage in fraud, create and/or operate a pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme), or to sell or promote forbidden or illegal services or products including drugs.

1.5. Respect LinCademy’s Rights

You cannot interfere with the functionality of our services or with our rights in the services, and you can only access LinCademy through the appropriate ways. You also need to respect our rights and follow our rules and policies; see our User Agreement.

  • Do not (or try to) access LinCademy using unauthorized method. You can only access LinCademy through the interfaces we intentionally provide such as its website ( or its mobile applications.  
  • Do not violate our rules or policies. You must respect, follow, and obey the spirit and the letter of our agreements, rules and policies.
  • Do not interrupt, limit, or interfere with the functionality of the LinCademy services, and do not interfere with our rights in the services including, for example, removing any proprietary rights or notices (e.g., copyright, trademark) contained on or in any LinCademy service.

 1.6. Be Helpful and Positive

Being helpful and being positive are very important manners in developing any community. We expect our members to be part of others’ successes. They give help whenever they see other members in need for help. They share knowledge and best practices so that others can use to improve their skills and work processes. 

To keep seeing LinCademy services and community serving the purposes they were created for, we expect our members to be positive by participating in moderating the community. We encourage you use our reporting system that allows you to report any activity, content, profile or group for committing misbehaviors, posting prohibited activities or content, or violating policies.