Account Suspension​

Account Suspension

Reasons for Account Suspension:

We may suspend your account if you have been blocked by too many members or we have detected behavior that appears to violate our Terms of Service and/or policies.

For more information about the behaviors that can lead to account suspension, please refer to the “Code of Conduct and Moderation System” and “General Guidelines” sections of our User Agreement here as well as our Professional Community Standards here.

Help on an Account Suspension:

If your account has been suspended, and you believe this action was not correct, you can submit an appeal to us by first verifying your identity below. You will need to provide an image of a government identification document.

For more information about how we verify your identity and how we protect your personal information you provide, you can click here and read “Regaining Access to My Account”. You may also want to read our Privacy Policy. Once we verify your identity, we will review your account suspension and notify you by email in case your appeal is accepted or rejected. Also, one of our Customer Support representatives may contact you for further clarifications.