LinCademy Learning Courses

LinCademy Learning Courses

Members on LinCademy can improve current skills or learn completely new ones and get certified by taking learning courses delivered by qualified instructors or experienced professionals. You can explore free and paid courses on different topics, evaluate them based on the reviews given, get information about instructors by visiting their profiles and finally get enrolled in what you need.

Finding Your Topic

To find your course, you can search LinCademy Course directory using different filters to help you find your interested topic. It’s also very important to fill out the “Learning Interests” section on your profile to list the topics you’re looking for so that instructors may contact you if your requirements met their published courses. Then, you can review a course before purchasing by reading the course introduction and objectives, and checking course review section. You can also save a course in your Wish List for later. If you decide to purchase a paid course, you will have 14-day period to request a refund from your Purchase History page.

Paying with Your Linckies

LinCademy helps you financially on your learning journey. Besides free courses that you can find on LinCademy Course directory you can partially pay (up to 90%) for all paid courses using your Linckies collected as rewards for your activities on LinCademy. During course purchase, you will find an option to set how much you want to pay using your Linckies. You can check your Lincky Balance  and track your Lincky history from your Personal Page.

Your Learning Dashboard

On your learning dashboard “Learning Zone”, you can find your enrolled courses organized in a way so that you can pick up where you left off, your quiz attempts to track your performance, your wish list to help you in the processes of finding the best courses by comparing alternatives, and your reviews to have all your given courses reviews in one place.

Important Resources

Purchases of LinCademy Courses are refundable. For more information, check LinCademy Refund Policy.

To find details about your course purchases, visit your purchase history page.