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Lincademy for Training is one of the service lines of Crafty E-learning company – which is specialized in development and delivery of training courses/programs. Lincademy develops and delivers e-courses on subjects related to professional and corporate training. Its key purpose is to develop training courses/programs of high standards by following and using the latest principles and technologies of e-learning.


Although Lincademy for Training was created only in 2020, it has deep experience in e-learning which is derived from its highly qualified and experienced staff of SMEs, instructional designers, multimedia creators, e-course developers, and instructors. Lincademy for Training has currently more than 60k students/trainees enrolled across different online learning platforms including LinCademy, Udemy, Alison, etc. with average rating of 4.7/5.


As the core focus of Lincademy for Training is self-development, and competency and career development, it develops, enhances and promotes selected skill-sets. Lincademy for Training develops and delivers training services mainly in the following topics:

  • Administrative Skills
  • Career Development
  • Human Resources
  • Personal Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Workplace Essentials